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The world leader in fire protection system solutions... from industrial to commercial, Kidde Fire Systems has the solution for your fire protection needs.

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Fire Detection FM-200 Systems CO2 Systems FE-13, Argonite System

Detect-A-Fire Novec™ 1230 Fluid Marine Systems Fire Extinguishers

The Fenwal Total Fire Protection Concept begins with rapid detection of fire in its incipient stages. Precision alarm and control functions alert people and initiate emergency actions. Then, clean, fast-acting fire suppression prevents extensive damage to people, property and business continuity. MORE


Guardfire is a subsidiary of Takachiho Koheki (TK) a Japanese Company, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with annual revenues of approximately USD160M. TK provides system integration for fire protection, security and IT network, and electronic and mechanical device supply. MORE

Foam Water Sprinkler System



Water Leak Detection Equipment


Productos MESA has always been committed to quality, obtaining ISO9002 certification in the design and manufacture of our booster HOSES for Fire Fighting, Agricultural applications and Other uses, with or without Couplings, as well as the sale of ancillary equipment for fire fighting; ISO 9001:2000 for the Design, Production, Maintenance, Repairs & Management (IDC system) and sale of personal protection equipment (PPE)



ATLAS® Double Jacket
ATLAS® Double Jacket-C

Coupling Selection Guide

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Based on our diverse customers and experiences, we are experienced with many NFPA codes and standards. We are proud members of NFPA and have access to their codes and standards. MORE

What's new this month...!

What's new this month...!

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